Emergency situation Preparedness - Twister Safety List


Tornadoes are similar to other natural catastrophe. You just never ever know when they're going to strike however there are some areas of the country that are far more prone to tornado activity than others. Find more info on midland walkie talkie here.

Twisters can form anywhere in the United States, however "tornado alley" which is that part of the central United States beginning in western Texas extending up through Oklahoma into Kansas and "Dixie alley" in the southeast are 2 locations that are especially susceptible to tornadoes.

Here's a safety emergency situation list that you might find helpful. It can be valuable in your catastrophe preparation and your emergency preparedness, a crucial part of which is doing just this-having a strategy and discussing it with your household.

1. Prior to a storm strikes, ensure you belong to go either in your house or nearby that you can go to if a tornado caution is released.

2. We always advise in any kind of scenario where natural catastrophes such as wildfires, twisters, typhoons or floods occur that you have a "go kit" that has flashlights, food and water supplies for at least 3 days, a first aid kit, copies of important financial files and an emergency supply of medication and maybe even a modification of clothes.

Make sure you avoid windows or doors with glass. If you are indoors, get into the basement if you have one or into a center corridor or windowless room.

4. If you are outdoors, lie flat in the most affordable spot that you can find-even a tiny bit of gully will do. Cover your head with your arms and keep yourself as low as you can to provide a little target.

5. Like other natural disaster, it is up to you to be the carrier of emergency services for your family. Emergency responders are busy doing besides their typical work and cannot provide assistance.

6. You should constantly have an emergency strategy in location and review it with your family a minimum of every year so that if when the time comes, they will understand what to do.

Natural catastrophes can happen at anytime and anyplace. When they happen is not the time to be thinking about disaster preparation and emergency situation preparedness. Do it now!

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